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Christian Thru The Ring

When you look into the ring, the ring also looks into you.


Where are you from originally?

What kind of training were you doing before CrossFit Canmore?

How do you explain CrossFit to others?
Workouts that use complementary muscles and parts of your body to create overall strength and power. I think of CrossFit workouts as the type of exercise that a caveman would get in his ever day life. If not cavemen, maybe fishermen and farmers.

What advice would you give to someone just starting CrossFit?
It doesn’t matter what the people around you are doing, it’s only your progress that matters.

Tell us how CrossFit has improved your health, well-being and/or sport performance.
One month in and my overall physical condition is noticeably improved. The biggest area of change has been in the increased flexibility of my shoulders and hips.
As for sport performance, I usually feel tired on my bike rides. Though I know that after a few more months this will change.

Tell us about your thoughts after your first workout with CrossFit Canmore.
I clearly saw the limits to my current physical fitness level and it inspired me to focus on improvement.

What is your least favorite WOD?
3 rounds:
400m run
10 pushups
5 burpies
5 kettle bell swings

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