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Callus. Almost has a ‘gladiator-type’ ring to it, as if it were the name of some ancient Roman… Callus-The-Great.

Well, truth be told, torn calluses are not all that great. However, they are preventable. What would a palm reader tell you about your life with torn hands from a post-Angie WOD… probably “stop seeing Angie!” It is amazing how easy it is to take the mobility of your hands for granted until you get a few good size flappers. Mid-palm, just below the finger, maybe even mid finger – ouch! All can considerably decrease your ability to giver’ during a WOD. However with some preventative care your calluses could be in ‘good hands’.

Check out CrossFit LA (Los Angeles) who has put together some excellent videos on proper hand maintenance.

Taping Your Hands, from CrossFit LA

The CrossFit Journal Number 68 titled Hand Rips, written by Phil Savage also has some great advice on taking care of your hands.

Some additional resources you may consider reading regarding callus maintenance are:

Grips for Pull-ups, CrossFit Discussion Board

Rifs Blog

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