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Though we have be running most of our life, many of us can not really think back to a point in time that we were actually taught how to run – we just ran. Maybe it was playing baseball, soccer or attempting to keep our lunch money in grade four, we just started running. However, over time whether or not we noticed it, our running style has changed.

Check out Mark’s video of his daughter Clara running – No fancy running shoes, no real instruction, just an innate ability to run. Intrigued? Login into the CrossFit Journal and check out Dr. Daniel Lieverman’s explanation about the ‘heal strike’ and barefoot running. Next time you are out for a run, give this some thought.

Also, here is a fly-by video of a nice 5k run starting at Millennium Park (You may need to download a plugin for your browser to view the video. It’s worth it.)

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