YOU are a natural athlete.

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My Dad (71 yrs old), rocking the rings

Out of the box, you’re ready to participate in the grand adventure of humanity. You’re programmed to elevate the gene pool, strengthen our most desirable traits, and pass them on.

Somewhere along the line, maybe, you’ve been denatured. A series of small surrenders has led to your overall defeat. Your will is retreating as fast as your belt buckle. You’re not really sure what to do: which machines to use, which diet to follow, which shorts to buy….

So here’s your answer:

Eat what Grandma ate, minus the grains. Do it for two weeks. Re-evaluate.

Don’t use machines.  Become one: do bodyweight exercises.  Then learn how to move a barbell, kettlebell, bale of hay….

Stop caring about fashion. No one else is watching you.

Compete. With yourself, daily. With your friends, weekly. With your peers, often. Win sometimes, lose sometimes. Get better. Rinse, repeat.

It’s only natural, after all.  Action is your default setting.  Now go be awesome.

courtesy of Catalyst Fitness

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