Canmore Tennis Association Singles Championships

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Congratulations Bex!

This past weekend Rebecca Pell-Hiley (“Bex”) participated in the Canmore Tennis Association Singles Championships. After an exhausting day of endless matches 😉 Bex took home the women’s title.

Bex has been training with CrossFit Canmore since April 2010. She arrived as an expert “double-under” skipper, but had plenty of room to improve her upper body strength.  She has conquered pull-ups, rocks the wall ball, and crushes the push-ups.  Bex is affectionately known at the gym for muttering, in her British accent,  “oh %*!#” at the announcement of EVERY workout! Despite this foul attitude, Bex gives 100% … and it shows!

Congrats Bex … we’re super proud of you!

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  1. Just to clarify.. I played ONE match and feel like a fraud for winning such a huuuuge trophy!… Oh.. But I should also add that the only reason i won was because of the strength and endurance I have built up through crossfit and Gregs training.. 😉

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