Future CrossFitters

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Seven sleeping babies, one sweet toddler, six sweaty ladies…
The 10-11:30am Mon/Wed/Fri CrossFit Mums drop-in program is steadily growing. Moms who are familiar with the basic CrossFit skills are welcome to attend our regular morning and evening classes. Check our schedule to see what works for you!

2 Comments on “Future CrossFitters”

  1. Great idea! Anything to help out families with getting out to exercise.

    Thanks again for welcoming me into your gym last week. Those were some well needed WOD after a day of sitting in the classroom!

    Still working on the muscle up. Let you know when I make some!

    Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for joining us Don.
    You are welcome to stop by any time you are in Canmore.
    Train hard!

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