Integrity matters the most

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“The Clock. It is both my enemy and my friend. Some will live and die for the clock, but the clock can take NOTHING away from me. The clock will not make me shorten my range of motion. The clock will not make me count that last pull-up where my chin didn’t quite make it over the bar. The clock will not make my back round, and my knees cave just so I can make it stop.

I’m in charge of the clock. It stops when I say it stops.  That clock and me are friends, but I’M THE BOSS. When I call “time”, that clock stops for me. My time is written on the whiteboard next to my name and only I know if each rep counted. Only I know if I turned around a few feet early on my run. The clock matters, but integrity matters the most.

The clock tells me my progress, but it doesn’t define me. It doesn’t own me. It’s the other way around. I own that clock. Even when I’m on the 19th burpee of the Filthy Fifty, it’s my job to make that clock stop ticking. It’s my job to do it right. It’s my job to make sure it counts.”

Thanks to CrossFit Fire.

2 Comments on “Integrity matters the most”

  1. That clock has mastered you Greg, cuz you haven’t figured out how to make it work!

  2. Not true Vanessa. You will be watching the seconds pass before your eyes this evening.

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