Humble Beginnings

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“I see it happen on almost a daily basis.  It tends to be especially on days when there are handstand push-ups, double-unders, muscle-ups, or pistols in a WOD.  People who can do the movement, but haven’t yet mastered it, begin to do something that is very destructive.  Athletes begin the process of self abuse.  They say they, “suck,” that they’re being “[babies]” (we’ll keep it PG on the blog), that they’ll “never” master the movement…they say that they “don’t know what [their] problem is.

This is all self-abuse and it is very destructive to your development as an athlete.  I suppose we forget how it felt to learn to roll-over (naturally), crawl, walk, use a fork to eat, be potty trained or ride a bike without training wheels; but I’d venture to say that it didn’t happen overnight.  If you have children in your lives, watch them master these life skills.  I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t allow them to beat themselves up if they missed their mouths with the fork, or stumbled into the coffee table, so why are you so hard on yourself?

  • What percentage of society do you think tries to master a new sport in adulthood?
  • What percentage of society do you think practices gymnastics, power lifting, and olympic lifting on a weekly basis?
  • What percentage of society do you think voluntarily challenges themselves daily?
  • What percentage of society do you think does something that scares them daily?

I think the answers are obvious.  Be proud of yourself for walking through our doors on a daily basis.”

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