Fitness Debt

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One of our athletes recently mentioned to me that she had been coming to our gym for a while, and yet still couldn’t do pull-ups as well as “_____”, who hadn’t been coming as long. I tried to explain to her that “_____” started with us at a higher fitness level, and therefore didn’t have to improve as much to get those pull-ups, or whatever goal she had.
I look at it kind of like this: Anyone that starts CrossFit is in what I call “fitness debt”. No matter how fit they thought they were, they’re not nearly as fit as they imagined. This “fitness debt” is like any other debt. If someone owes $500 on their credit card, it’s going to be easier to pay that off than someone deeper in the hole owing, say, $5,000. But both of them work towards paying that off, and eventually do, and then start saving or getting in positive territory.
Out athletes come to us different amounts “in the hole”. So even though they all work hard, they all get out of the hole in different amounts of time. The key is to keep working towards getting out and getting into positive territory, and this will happen the fastest for those who come to CrossFit consistently, work hard, and give their bodies the best fuel possible. The person I originally spoke of in this post acknowledged that she had indeed come a long way, and was proud of what she had accomplished. I’m proud of her, too.
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