2012 CrossFit Games Open Guidelines

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CrossFit Games 2012: Do you have what it takes?

Crossfit HQ will release the CrossFit Games Open workouts every Wednesday evening, beginning on Feb 22, at 8pm.

CrossFit Canmore will host the open workouts as the regular Saturday workout at 0900 for the 5 weeks of the Open season. You can also do the workouts on Thursday mornings @ 0600.

1) Every person participating in the Open will be judged. We’ll pair people up and run two heats (so you will judge and be judged by your partner).

2) Movement standards and guidelines will be posted on the CrossFit Games website. We’ll go over these, but take the time to watch the video description and familiarize yourself with the guidelines so that you are prepared.

3) When you are judging your fellow athlete, you must uphold the movement standards. Partial reps do not count. CrossFit Canmore will verify your score, and we expect to uphold movement standards and range of motion.

4) Each person competing in the Open will be given a scorecard. Your name must be on the card, along with the judge’s name, your score, and the workout number (Open WOD 1, Open WOD 2) and must be turned in at the end of the workout.

5) You are responsible to input your score on the Crossfit Games site. CrossFit Canmore will not submit your score, we will just validate the score that you submit.

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