CrossFit Mums aka The Incredible Shape-Shifting Women

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A woman’s capacity to change is amazing. In particular, women’s bodies bloom in pregnancy and shrink postpartum. Incredible! Mommies are shape-shifters. This isn’t magic or folklore, but where magic and folklore are born.

CrossFit teaches functional fitness. And, since mums need to function, CF is perfect for mums: the whole world relies on mum’s ability to one-arm-curl a sleeping, car-seat-ensconced baby while thinking “seriously, now?” but saying “no” to her toddler through the isles of the grocery store. “Don’t forget the butter!” How is your function?

CrossFit Canmore’s Intro Mum’s Class begins on the first Tuesday of each month and runs for 8 sessions every Tuesday & Thursday at 10am. Regular CrossFit Mum’s class runs 10:00 am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Come pregnant, come with your infant*, toddler, older kids. Or, come without kids for a built-in mommy break. CrossFit Mums is for ALL mothers, even grandmothers.

Come to CrossFit Mums to debrief the terrors (joys go without saying) of mom-hood. Strengthen your mind, body and heart to get back to the grocery store another time.

Children do not work-out with you unless of course you want to do push-ups with a toddler riding on your back! Wait, you don’t have to be able to do push ups! All you need to do CF is a pulse.* Kids play in the gym where they can watch mom getting her function on!

Hope to see you soon,

Coach Kim

*Please postpartum “rest” for at least 6 weeks. If you have health issues discuss exercise with your medical care provider first. We can and will work with your doctor with program details, progress reports etc.