March 2016 Newsletter

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Join us Saturday April 2nd at 4:30pm for a BBQ and social gathering. As the six weeks of the CrossFit Open will have come to a close, what better time to get together!

The last rib off we had was a huge success, so let’s see what we get this time. Bring some food to share and something to drink, and as always, we would love it if your friends and family would join us.

This event is an all-out test of skill, endurance, strength and team work! We (aka Chad) designs the workouts to be both FUN and demanding, including classic CrossFit movements, as well as a couple of unique and challenging elements. Teams of four (2 males & 2 females) will make their way through the 5km course, working together to complete each WOD.

This outdoor event is the only one of its kind in Canada and with each year is steadily gaining in popularity. Last year we saw a number of CrossFit Canmore teams, and we hope to see a few more this year. Only 80 team spots available, so sign up before it is too late!

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Anyone interested in participating in the Rundle’s Revenge, June 25th – 26th? CrossFit Canmore members have been offered a 10% discount off registration.

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*Use PROMO CODE “canmorecrossfit”


Are you interested in receiving a personalized nutrition or goal setting plan? We have a number of options available to help you see results!

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This month we would like to give a shout out to one of the many couples in our CrossFit Canmore community. Max & Sheena have been training with us since February 2014, and when you are in their class, you cannot help but feel the fun and positive energy they bring with them!

Max & Sheena took time out of their busy day, owning and running business; ALL in ONE & Prestige Hair to answer some of our questions:

Why you started CrossFit? 
The only obvious answer to that is to get huge like Lewis Litt aka Chad Lewis – the rumor on the mean streets of Cougar Creek was he could possibly be a descendant of Zeus and his wife had super human strength as well….and from the time we heard that, we knew it was time for us to up our couple game!

Who started first? 
Of Course Sheena would say she did, but we did it as a team – couples that crush together stay together – that’s the saying right!

Favourite exercise?
Cleans  – We love the WODS -pretty much all day errrrrr day – We are there to better ourselves so bring it on baby!

Least favourite exercise?
Snatch, or thruster, or the jerk,or maybe the muscle up, wall balls – we could go on…but isn’t hate and love pretty much the same emotion?

Most memorable moment in CrossFit?
The time Chad Lewis never taught me the hook grip for the dead lift and the clean….
Most 4 till 7 evening classes are full of enjoyable moments with the coaches and the other peeps in attendance and every swole session is our Canmore version of Pumping Iron
Every P.R and every new movement we try and at some point get, is truly awesome!
(Sheena) -My first Handstand walk ever… one hand over the next- yes I am at 3 steps in- and boom down I come and bam my foot lands in the chalk bucket but, it didn’t tip over!! so NO burpees for me! Kim P would have kicked my butt if I wasted good chalk!

What you do outside of CrossFit?
Other than looking good full time you say….you can pretty much find us at the box, I’m the guy bitching about the music (turn that isht up!), clapping- and kissing my biceps

How CrossFit plays a role in your life? 

Crossfit has opened the doors for us as a couple to enjoy so much more; including outdoor activities, its just got us into weightlifting, and in general – aiming higher, pushing ourselves to learn more – be and do better – being able to hold our self accountable and set the bar just a little higher every time we do something …..if you don’t have your health, then really what do we have?

Special shout outs for those who helped us achieve these Greek god bods; All coaches at CrossFit Canmore – very knowledgeable group, and always a pleasure to see their smiling faces when we walk through the door….to get destroyed that day by them!

We sometimes ask our self; we really pay for this pain, and we actually look forward to it….WEIRD!

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