How to Curb Holiday Food Eating

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Holiday Food

6 tips to help deal with your eating during the holiday food season. 

Holidays bring with them emotion, family, memories and FOOD…lots of food! With Christmas parties and holiday treats tempting you everywhere you turn, staying healthy both in body and mind while enjoying the holiday season can be a challenge!

  1. Eat the food, just not all of it. Eat 1 plate of food, mostly filled with lean protein (Turkey, fish, lean beef, etc), veggies, and healthy carbs (sweet potato, mashed potatoes, rice). Garnish by adding very small servings of guilty pleasures.
  2. Limit alcohol & sugary beverages. This is a hard one, but if you’ve got a goal it’s worth it.  Sip it and savour it.
  3. Drink a ton of water. This will keep you full and dilute the sodium found in many holiday foods.
  4. Remember why you’re there. You’re there for the company, for the memories, for the good times. None of these things require overeating or drinking. Eat slow, enjoy every bite, savor every sip. Enjoy the conversation and catching up.
  5. Have dessert. Try to only have a half serving. Or option 2: make your own healthy dessert and bring some to share. A large, beautiful fruit salad is never frowned upon.
  6. Stop before you’re full. See tip #4. Eat slow, chew slow, enjoy your food. Doing this will allow your brain to catch up to your stomach and STOP over eating.

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