Who said pregnant ladies can’t do pull-ups?!

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Christa McPherson joined CrossFit Canmore back in the “garage gym” days, and she has been a committed member ever since. She is an avid climber and natural athlete. Her determination was obvious from the beginning; however, her strength and fitness became astonishingly apparent as she continued to bust out pull-ups, hand-stand push-up, and heavy lifting well into her pregnancy. This short video … Read More

Canmore Tennis Association Singles Championships

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Congratulations Bex! This past weekend Rebecca Pell-Hiley (“Bex”) participated in the Canmore Tennis Association Singles Championships. After an exhausting day of endless matches 😉 Bex took home the women’s title. Bex has been training with CrossFit Canmore since April 2010. She arrived as an expert “double-under” skipper, but had plenty of room to improve her upper body strength.  She has … Read More

An Interview with Chris Spealler

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CrossFit is fast becoming a household name. CrossFit.com defines the modality as strength and conditioning program whose specialty is not specializing in any one form of fitness. CrossFit creates an athlete who is proficient across the spectrum of physical expression with the idea being that real life situations demand this form of generalized conditioning. As such, CrossFit is the training … Read More

Athlete Profile: Christian

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Name Christian Where are you from originally? Texas What kind of training were you doing before CrossFit Canmore? Training? How do you explain CrossFit to others? Workouts that use complementary muscles and parts of your body to create overall strength and power. I think of CrossFit workouts as the type of exercise that a caveman would get in his ever … Read More