What is the Whole Life Challenge?

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The Whole Life Challenge started at CrossFit Los Angeles a year and a half ago. This time the challenge will include >10,000 people from CrossFit gyms around the world!The Whole Life Challenge is an 8-week health and fitness game that will have you take a birds-eye view of your whole life and of your commitment to your health and well-being. … Read More

Worldwide Whole Life Challenge

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An 8-week intensive health & fitness challenge created to calibrate your entire being towards a no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners, no-excuses, gettin’-everything-out-of-it lifetime of physical and mental excellence. The Challenge winner will have to succeed in 3 areas: Performance Improve your ability to work and play! You will do a Baseline workout of Day 1 and measure your improvement in performance on the … Read More

2012 CrossFit Games Open Guidelines

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Crossfit HQ will release the CrossFit Games Open workouts every Wednesday evening, beginning on Feb 22, at 8pm. CrossFit Canmore will host the open workouts as the regular Saturday workout at 0900 for the 5 weeks of the Open season. You can also do the workouts on Thursday mornings @ 0600. 1) Every person participating in the Open will be judged. We’ll … Read More

The Box Jump

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After Derek posted a video of a 48″ box jump, the gauntlet was thrown. Cheryl heckled Derek from afar. Renette did a 45″ jump and Chad did 51″. Step it up Derek! Hope you are having fun at CrossFit Calgary. Train hard!

The CrossFit Games

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Do you want a chance to win $250,000? You have until Sunday evening to enter the CrossFit Games. 1st Workout: In 10 minutes, do as many reps as possible of: 30 Double Unders 15 Power Snatch @ #75/#65

1st Annual CrossFit Coolaborative Challenge

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The Coaches and Affiliates involved in the 1st Annual CrossFit Coolaborative Challenge realize that a large number of athletes are competing in the CrossFit Games Open during this time.  Those athletes are welcome to join us in our competition, but we also realize that a vast number of individual athletes who enjoy competition may not be registered to compete in the CrossFit Open.  … Read More

CrossFit Canmore Challenge

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An impressive turnout at CrossFit Canmore’s grand opening celebration last Saturday. Brave first-timers, post-natal moms, pregnant women, and seasoned crossfitters gave 110% during each of the three challenging workouts. A psyched crowd cheered as participants suffered through overhead squats, a 2000m row and box jumps,  and 50 burpees and 50 pull-ups. Sarah Hueniken and Josh Briggs took home first prizes in … Read More