Steak followed by Peach Clafouti

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We BBQ all year long at my house, even in the dead of Canmore winter. If you are looking for an easy and absolutely delicious meal, head over to Precision Nutrition for their article on how to cook the perfect steak. Serve the steak with the salad of your choice and follow it up with Peach Clafouti from the The … Read More


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Breakfast seems to be a hot topic. Some people don’t aren’t willing to change their current breakfast habits unless they can find a convenient choice. I like to make breakfast meals that last for days and can also be frozen. All you have to do is reheat and BOOM!, breakfast is ready. Check out Chow Stalker for great recipe ideas … Read More

Paleo Shopping List

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Alma told me she needed a shopping list.  Robb Wolf, author of the Paleo Solution, has many fantastic resources including a shopping list. The book is currently lent out, but you are all welcome to borrow it in turn.

Paleo Challenge v1.0

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Real Food Flow Chart

This morning, some of the girls from the morning classes got fired up to do a Paleo Challenge. Starting now, all CrossFit Canmore members are strongly encouraged to join in a 4 week Paleo Challenge. The idea is to encourage everyone to go paleo for 28 days straight, with limited cheats. You should shoot for >85% compliant. This will do … Read More

How to keep your bones strong without dairy

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One of the most common concerns I hear for not giving up dairy is that by doing so, you will put the health of your bones at risk, primarily due to insufficient dietary calcium. With that in mind, I thought I’d offer up a few suggestions for keeping those bones healthy sans dairy. Take note, though: I’m not saying dairy … Read More

Food for Thought …

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The Paleo Diet (also referred to as the Caveman Diet, the Stone Age Diet, or the Hunter-Gatherer Diet) is based on the presumed food consumption of human species during the Paleolithic period, which is estimated to have spanned 2.5 million years and ended approximately 10,000 years ago with the development of agriculture. It is argued that modern humans are genetically … Read More