The Box Jump

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After Derek posted a video of a 48″ box jump, the gauntlet was thrown. Cheryl heckled Derek from afar. Renette did a 45″ jump and Chad did 51″. Step it up Derek! Hope you are having fun at CrossFit Calgary. Train hard!

CrossFit Mums … and Dads!

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Seems we were a little hasty in creating an exclusive CrossFit Mums program … dads want to come too! Of course all parents are welcome. The focus and intensity of our CrossFit classes are individually designed and scaled (dads will not be excused from skipping or box jumping on account of a tender pelvic floor). Hope to see more of you guys … Read More

Don’t let this happen to you!

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Chalk definitely gives you an edge on the pull-up bars … but at what cost? Hands generously powdered, I gripped the bar and started to grind through a ridiculous number of pull-ups.  It wasn’t until the final set that I noticed my hands were blistering. Regrettably, I decided to persevere through the pain. I was left with two bloody hands.  Fortunately, I learned … Read More

CrossFit Canmore Challenge

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An impressive turnout at CrossFit Canmore’s grand opening celebration last Saturday. Brave first-timers, post-natal moms, pregnant women, and seasoned crossfitters gave 110% during each of the three challenging workouts. A psyched crowd cheered as participants suffered through overhead squats, a 2000m row and box jumps,  and 50 burpees and 50 pull-ups. Sarah Hueniken and Josh Briggs took home first prizes in … Read More


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Many thanks to Uncle Don, Uncle Frank, and Dad for helping with the pull-up bars! Natalia is psyched to try them out : )

Thanksgiving Day

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CrossFit Canmore held a challenging “partners workout” to celebrate Thanksgiving. Admirable efforts, enthusiastic cheering, and lots of laughs!

How Often Should I CrossFit?

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People often ask me how often they should CrossFit.  Below is CrossFit Impulse’s great explanation of this important topic. One of the most common questions I get from athletes at CrossFit Impulse is, “How often should I train?” If you are considering CrossFit as your strength and conditioning program then you also may be wondering, “How often should I CrossFit?” … Read More