What is CrossFit?

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I often meet people who think that CrossFit will be too hard for them. This video sums up what CrossFit is to me. Every CrossFit gym I have been to mirrors the wide variety of people in the video. The community aspect is awesome. “CrossFit, for the most part, is for the ordinary, everyday person who is trying to live … Read More

Are you experiencing IT Band pain?

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This is a video for everyone who has experienced IT Band pain from running. It is interesting to see the difference between the classic view of muscle and connective tissue versus an actual body from Body Worlds. Is your IT Band pain sweeping across your knee cap (1:30 in video)? Watch the video in high definition so you can see … Read More

The Box Jump

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After Derek posted a video of a 48″ box jump, the gauntlet was thrown. Cheryl heckled Derek from afar. Renette did a 45″ jump and Chad did 51″. Step it up Derek! Hope you are having fun at CrossFit Calgary. Train hard!


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“This Crossfit inspired piece is an experiment in sound, small moments, dynamic build and human intensity. It’s a race against the clock that we all must face, and a reminder to breathe, because you can.” -Paul Schneider “BREATHE” from Paul Schneider on Vimeo.

Humble Beginnings

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“I see it happen on almost a daily basis.  It tends to be especially on days when there are handstand push-ups, double-unders, muscle-ups, or pistols in a WOD.  People who can do the movement, but haven’t yet mastered it, begin to do something that is very destructive.  Athletes begin the process of self abuse.  They say they, “suck,” that they’re … Read More