Everyone at CrossFit Canmore receives personal instruction. Everyone works out under the instruction of coaches who know you and are invested in your results. If you are tired of gyms that give you no direction and only rent you equipment, you may be looking for us.

CrossFit Canmore delivers results! Our gym emphasizes broad fitness with short, intense, old-school workouts that combine elements of weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio training. Each class includes a warm-up, skills training, and a high intensity workout. Small class size ensures personal attention and high quality training.

CrossFit Canmore is inclusive. Members of all ages, fitness levels, and athletic ability train together in a supportive group environment under the supervision of a certified trainer. Elite athletes and novices do the same workout routines – load and intensity are scaled. All of your workouts are completed for time, reps, or max weight.

CrossFit Canmore is a community. We expect you to challenge yourself and encourage your peers to do the same. You track your progress. Your efforts are rewarded with enhanced strength, power, and endurance in the gym and across diverse activities outside the gym. Professional coaching and friendly peer competition strengthen our community and bolster commitment.

CrossFit Canmore also offers personal training. We will design your program allowing you to excel and surpass your goals.